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December- Best time of the year to look for a new job

Savvy job seekers might know how to write an attractive resume and cover letter, but many are unaware of the fact that December could be the best time of the year to look for a job change.

Competition Level Drops

Majority of job seekers assume that holidays are a waste of time and make marginal effort to look for a new job. But their unfortunate mistake turns out to be your great advantage.

Hiring takes off in New Year

Although interviewing for full-time employees takes a dip in December, the months of January and February typically generate the strongest hiring period of the year. Organizations kick-off new projects and initiatives, budgets are put into place and additional staff is required to carry out the company's plans.

Accordingly, if you take full advantage of the opportunities that the holidays have to offer, you may well find yourself as a sought after candidate--one who's first in line to be interviewed in early January.

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The use of key words in resume

We are in an era of electronic world- Agreed!
The keywords most relevant to your job search are the words and phrases someone would use to describe your next job (as well as your current job).

As long as you are actively looking out for a job, you'll likely be spending a significant amount of time editing and sending out your resume. Remember to use key words. Why? Most employers use electronic scanner devices to screen and rank candidates. Tailor your resume with each position you apply for and include the specific words from the job posting. You must be sure to include those words and phrases, where appropriate, in your resume so your resume will appear near the top in resume database search results.

The bottom line is that if you apply for a job with a company that searches databases for keywords, and your resume doesn't have the keywords the company seeks for the person who fills that job, you are pretty much dead in the water. 

You wouldn't know the exact form of keyword that the employer will use as a search criteria, it will make sense to also use synonyms, various form of keyword and also the spelled out and acronym version of common terms.
eg: CSR, Customer service representative, Customer service executive, CSE etc.. 

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BPO interview questions

Few obvious BPO interview questions:

Tell us something about yourself.

What is BPO according to you?

Why do companies outsource their work?

What attracts you towards BPO?

What are your strengths?

How do you rate your communication skills?

Why should we hire you?

If you were hiring this position, what qualities will you look for?

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Telephonic interview

With hundreds of applicants often contending for a single job in today’s highly competitive world, recruiters and hiring managers are increasingly conducting their initial round of interviews on the telephone. Its a big time saver for both interviewer and the candidate.

Find a quiet corner
Make sure there are no disturbance or interruptions.

Know whats in your CV

Be through with your CV or have a copy with you while you give the interview

Be confident

The interviewer cant see you,  that doesn't mean he cant hear you, the nervousness will reflect in your voice. So talk confident. Mean while do not over talk.

Do not be fake

If you think that by talking on the phone you can pretend to be someone  else or fake your achievement,then think again. The interviewer is a professional and it would not easy to fool him.

Listen Carefully

Good listening skills portray s professional behavior and also help you gauge your interviewers response. 

Be Polite

Talk polite. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity. Follow up with them, ask for feedback, find out about the next step. But do not sound desperate in the same time.

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